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How are EzToned's programs different from other programs out there?

Here at EzToned, we create complete fitness programmes that ALMOST GUARANTEE you results by providing you three important things that sets our platform apart from everything else out there. These three things are as follows:

1. We give you a science-backed training and nutrition plan developed by certified PTs and Dietitians. All our workout and nutrition plans are personalized towards your chosen fitness goal and delivered via our app. So, as long as you follow our plans, you will get results!

2. Building up on these highly effective workout and nutrition plans, we overlook your progress made in the programmes through our team of Certified personal trainers and Dietitians who give you expert level support and motivation required to overcome obstacles in your fitness journey. All our programs come with 1-on-1 dedicated support with your very own personal trainer. We also provide a premium plan that gives you a weekly coaching call and additional personalization.

3. Fitness Education. This is a very important element that most fitness programmes and platforms seem to neglect. With EzToned, you will not just see amazing physique transformations happen but also learn and understand many important fitness principles and intricate details along the way.

All of these three things combined is why we pride ourselves in delivering “complete fitness programmes”. And this is also how we are confident that EzToned is the last fitness platform you will ever need!


Do resistance bands really work? Are they as effective as free weights in the gym?

It's a common misconception that resistance bands are not as effective as weights.

It has been scientifically proven that you can get improved/same muscle definition and strength by using resistance bands. Majority of the exercises you would do with dumbbells/barbells/machines at the gym can be done with our resistance bands kit as well.

If you feel like the resistance (weights) provided with the kit does not offer enough intensity, you can simply combine all the bands together or get additional bands (sold separately).

How do the resistance bands anchor to the door? Do you need to fix something permanently to the door?

No. Our kits comes with a door anchor (blocker). It's a strap looking thing with a round headed end. You just put it through the door, go on the other side and adjust where you want it. And then shut the door. It's really that easy!

How many exercises can I do with your resistance bands?

Over 100+ exercises easily.

Our kits come with a workout guide sheet that helps you get started with the popular ones. A youtube search would show many possible variations for each muscle group.

You can replicate majority of the popular weight-based workouts/movements and get the same amount of intensity or more by combining the bands together (gives upto 50 kgs weight when all bands are combined together).

What are your resistance bands made from?

Our resistance bands are 100% made of natural latex. We only work with high quality and ethical raw materials suppliers to manufacture our products. Our bands come packed with high elasticity and are super durable. We believe our resistance band kits are truly the best in the market and that's why we back them up with a 1 year free replacement warranty as well.

Would your resistance bands help me lose weight?

Yes and No.

Just like any other sports equipment, our bands won't magically help you lose weight.

Here's a simple fact about weight loss: You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume.

So, If you have a healthy, caloric deficit lifestyle, you will lose weight. If you don't, then you won't lose weight. If you're interested in weight loss, give our FL12 program a trial.

Our recommendation in general for optimal weight loss is to follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep and perform HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout sessions regularly.