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EzMat - Yoga & Exercise Mat (Extra Large)

EzMat - Yoga & Exercise Mat (Extra Large)

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Unlock a world of infinite possibilities by transforming any place into a gym ready to bring out the best in you, physically and mentally.

EzMat gives you a purpose-built surface for yoga and high-energy workout sessions. Made to last forever, designed for ultimate floor protection and restriction-free movement. Do more, feel less with EzMat's in-built impact-absorption technology. 

Key Features:

  • Extra large size (1200x1200x8mm) for maximum floor protection and restriction-free movement - twice the size of a normal exercise mat!
  • Built to last forever from premium quality, 100% eco-PVC foam material
  • Prevent injuries and get firm support for your joints with impact-absorption technology
  • Friction-free surface that prevents slipping
  • Remains flat on the floor, doesn't move even during the most intense sessions
  • Suitable for yoga and high-intensity workouts
  • No odor, non-toxic